Captain America 19

Is out today! This is my favourite Spread in this issue… if you want to see the great colors Dean White provided, please pick up the issue ;)


Ink over printed out digital pencils, for the art geeks. :p



I don’t paint alot these days, but when I do – It’s Conan.



A few of my fave pages from Thor:God of Thunder # 12 written by Jason Aaron.

It was super awesome to work both on Thor, one of my favourite marvel characters, and to work with Jason Aaron, who is a great scribe!


Recent Marvel Covers

Some recent-ish cover I did.

Captain America 17 (solicited but not yet out. Also the first issue of my run)

Captain America 16

Secret Avengers 6

Secret Avengers 7

Secret Avengers 8

Secret Avengers 10

Secret Avengers 11

Winter Soldier

Just wanted to post some of my favourite pages of my Winter Soldier run. Maybe it will intice those who havent picked it up to get this book which was scribed by the great Jason Latour.

I’m especially proud of the credit pages, thanks again to Lauren Sankovitch to let me do crazy stuff with Text and design.

Wolverine tuesday…

its tuesday, what more reason do you need?



Update: I based this on a cartoony drawing I did last week as a little thank you to Marvel Editor par excellance Lauren Sankovitch.. here it is:



On the cancellation of WINTER SOLDIER after issue #19:

Like Jason Latour wrote on his blog ( http://jasonlatour.blogspot.de/2013/04/winter-soldiers-end.html ), I am also a little heart broken to see the book go. If the occasion had arisen I would’ve liked to continue drawing Bucky as he and the supporting cast really started to grow close to me. Perhaps another time.

I’m not going to complain, I got to draw really cool Characters and really cool settings. I got to work with a really great team, Jason Latour, the jive talkin southern redneck genius who besides being a great scribe is also fantastic artist as many of you know. It was pleasure to work with him and we had a great time talking shop on a few occasions. Our editorial team consisting first and foremost of Lauren Sankovitch, and Jacob Thomas who held the reins steady and left us enough free room to unfold our craziness. Declan Shalvey & Jordie Bellaire who provided gorgeous covers.

Thank you to all of you.


of course Thank you to the readers and Fans who supported the book and gave us a chance to tell our tale. I hope you all enjoyed the last 3 issues, and I hope you will stick around for the last 2 issues to see the conclusion of the arc.

Jason and I really appreciated the feedback we received from you through out!!

Since I’m not a man of many words, I wanted to post this piece I did, as a sort of parting gift (even though I am still drawing the last issue). I hope you all enjoy it.

thank you



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