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more drink & draw

hey gang, ok…more drink and draw stuff. You might be getting sick of these but until I can show the stuff Im working on this is all I have 🙂


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drink & draw zombie

yet another drink and draw zombie. Some mates of mine who were also there last night are throwing around ideas for a zombie book, so there was much undead talk, which spawned this again…

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Hey Dudes & Dudettes

The August Image solocitiations are out on CBR, so I can share the cover for VIKING # 3. http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=21229

I also added some process shots I took while painting, maybe someone will find them interesting/usefull.

here is the finished cover, the title logo is placeholder right now. The great Tom Muller will have another look at it before printing and make it look good.

here is what the whole thing looked like at the beginning. I took the sketch I had and printed it out on large thick paper, then I gessoed it with clear gesso. The reason I do this is A) it saves time of redrawing the same thing twice and B) it keeps the dynamics of the smaller sketch which gets lost for me alot when I redraw things at a larger scale.

A detail shot of Brams face while Im painting along.

the almost finished painting, all that was left to do at this point was paint the blood on the sword, and take it into PS and do some tweaks to get it look just how I want it.

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zombie 01

from last nights drink & draw… added some quick dot screen & color in PS.

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Ok, heres a Batman/shadow Commission I did a while ago (and colored it for fun in PS real quick). I went for the gotham by gaslight Batman costume because I thought it worked better with the 20s shadow look…

 + A little TV sketch I did end of last year, found while cleaning up. I wish I could post some of the stuff from the next VIKING issues.. Im having so much fun with that right now.

This’ll have to do for today.

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this while cleaning up, my desktop as well as studio. A Egil Commission that was never picked up from the buyer. Oh well…

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Ok, my first post on my blog. I hope to keep this going. we’ll see how it goes. Most posts will involve art, or things to do with art or projects I’m working on. Just in case you didnt guess that already and want to know what to expect.

2 weeks ago we had the first Drink & Draw socail kind of thing here in Kassel. Hopefully this will keep going because it was fun, and its good to get out of the house even if it is to draw even more (only with friends/food/booze).
I drew Egil twice that night. A character from my Image book… not that I didnt spend all day with him already. maybe you like ^^

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