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Just in case you don’t have a costume yet, here you go! Just print out/cut. Add some blood smeared clothing, voila.

click image for larger version.



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Hey Gang,

people seem to like the process stuff (I know I do), so here is so more. This time a splashpage from VIKING issue 2. If you’re not reading it for shame!! 🙂

I really like painting/drawing fire, and in a book set without artifical light I have lots of oppurtunity.

Here is the final page, with PS tweaks and all.

the “pencils” if you will…

a closeup of the same….


Here comes the color…

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keeping on with the Starlord theme, I found some steps from what is probably one of my favorite covers I ever did.

1) was the sketch. since this was my first gig for marvel, I wanted the sketch to look super nice, colors and all. I usually only go this far with a sketch when I have really want to sell an idea instead of showing the client multiple options.
2)the concept of the “bruce willis” jumping & shooting was asked for and approved, but the sketch was very undynamic and left alot of useless negative space, so when going to the prelim drawing for the painting I worked this out.
3) the pencil drawing with PS “blocked in” colors. I used to do this before I go into painter.

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a starlord piece I did for the heck of it, during the time I painted the covers to the Annihilation Conquest:Starlord covers for Marvel.

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When we started working on VIKING beginning of this year, I did a little test of colors, and a simple art style. I think it was just an excuse to draw this image I had in my head. here it is, un spectacular… but it has something.

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My initial design for Egils haircut. it changed a bit after this design in the actual issues of VIKING, but I stayed with the mohawk… I still rather like this sketch.

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A few years ago, while visting my mate Marko, I painted a quick-isih captain America for fun. I don’t recall ever scanning it and showing it online, maybe I just forgot, either way here it is. Acrylic on paper.

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