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MADE aftermath!

Hey Gang,

In earlier posts I mentioned the MADE art symposium that my good friend Marko Djurdjevic brought to life in Berlin in june. It was an amazing event that gave me a chance to share some of my process & meet up with old friends and make new ones. I had the best time and from what I heard so did all the people who attended or taught. Its sad it had to end, occasions like these come to seldom in life.

Here is the page I did during the span of  day 1 of the Workshop, I started in the morning for the “Importance of thumbnails” demo/talk with Esad Ribic, Giuseppe Camuncoli & Gabriele Del’otto and finished in it in my “digital finish to analogue work” demo in the afternoon.


and some fotos of me during work (sorry if I used one of yours, I picked some of these of FB, hihihi… I hope no one minds).


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