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Doc Savage 6

Starting last year, Ivan Brandon, Brian Azzarello and I did a 6 issue run on DCs Doc Savage which ended earlier this year. So, starting with this I am going to post a bunch of stuff from my run. Pages, pencils, concepts for characters etc.
I tried a new way of working to cut down on time on this Project.

Since the deadlines on a monthly title are super tight, I took a route that Skottie Young uses for a while now, doing pencils digitally (either Sketchbook Pro or PS) and then printing them out on large paper and inking over it to keep the organic Analogue feel. This combines the freedom of quick changes in the layout/drawing phase and the look of traditional inks. This saved me a hell of a lot of time, and I still have original pages to boot.

Unfortuantely I deleted all pencil pages off my old machine to conserver space (dumb I know) so for issue 1 of our run (issue 6 in the series) I cannot show pre stages…
anyways, hopefully you’ll like what I have to show anyhow.
page 16-17 spread.


page 20


Now, when I first got the Gig I did a piece of how I thought of Doc, in the original description in the 30s hes described as:

“A mighty giant of bronze stood in the door. The effect of this metallic figure was amazing. Marvelously symmetrical proportions absorbed the true size of the man. Viewed from a distance, and away from anything to which his stature might have been compared, he would not have seemed as big.

The remarkably high forehead, the muscular and strong mouth, the lean and corded cheeks, denoted a rare power of character. His bronze hair was a shade darker than his bronze skin, and it lay straight and smooth as a skullcap of metal.

The thing which really took the wind out of Judborn Tugg, though, was the bronze man’s eyes. They were like pools of fine flake gold, alive with tiny glistenings. They possessed a strange, hypnotic quality. They made Judborn Tugg want to pull his coat over his head, so that the innermost secrets of his brain would not be searched out.

“Are — are — you Doc Savage?” stuttered Judborn Tugg.

The bronze giant nodded. The simple gesture caused great cables of muscle to writhe about his neck.”

I really liked the idea of his skin being really metally, but we opted for the traditional direction. I still like this piece though, but he looks more like one of the Metalmen then Doc.


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A while back I painted the cover for Simon & Schusters “the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn & zombie Jim”. Here it is. You can pre-order the book here if you are so inclined (see amazon link). This was a super fun piece to do, and I also did the cover for War of the Worlds plus zombies, blood & guts (more on that later).


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a VIKING piece. 100% digital painting. (click to see bigger image)

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yet another Batman….

Hey Everyone, here is a batman piece I just did for kicks, and I am not ultra happy with it… but I think it has to do with the character. Whenever I paint my fave characters I tend to be the least happy, maybe because I have a set look in my head which I can never get onto paper. Ill let you be the judge.

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Weapon X(periment)

Trying out a new brand of acrylics that Mr.Gabriele Dell’otto recommended to me. Heres what happened.

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