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DRIFTER process video

Hi Folks, its been forever, Im working away at my Image comic DRIFTER. I decided to make a vid of my process while working on a interior splash page. I hope its entertaining πŸ˜€

For more DRIFTER news check out the Tumblr:



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SO, here it is, the start of Ivan Brandon & mine new ongoing Image book Drifter.

Here are a few pages that will hopefully make you order the goddamn thing πŸ˜€ I am very proud of the book , and hopefully you’ll enjoy the ride.



There is also a Drifter Tumblr, which will have all the necessary infos you need.



For example, the Order codes for the Amazing Variant covers by Esad Ribic and Cliff Chiang!!!





So, stay tuned for more!!

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Is out today! This is my favourite Spread in this issue… if you want to see the great colors Dean White provided, please pick up the issue πŸ˜‰


Ink over printed out digital pencils, for the art geeks. :p


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I don’t paint alot these days, but when I do – It’s Conan.


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A few of my fave pages from Thor:God of Thunder # 12 written by Jason Aaron.

It was super awesome to work both on Thor, one of my favourite marvel characters, and to work with Jason Aaron, who is a great scribe!


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Recent Marvel Covers

Some recent-ish cover I did.

Captain America 17 (solicited but not yet out. Also the first issue of my run)

Captain America 16

Secret Avengers 6

Secret Avengers 7

Secret Avengers 8

Secret Avengers 10

Secret Avengers 11

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Winter Soldier

Just wanted to post some of my favourite pages of my Winter Soldier run. Maybe it will intice those who havent picked it up to get this book which was scribed by the great Jason Latour.

I’m especially proud of the credit pages, thanks again to Lauren Sankovitch to let me do crazy stuff with Text and design.

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